Meet the Sensei

Ken Durand

Shichidan – 7th degree Black Belt

Head Coach – 1975-Present

NH Grand Champion

US National Kata (forms) Grand Champion

US National Masters Bronze medalist

Certified National Referee

Certified National Level Instructor and Judge in numerous kata

Certified Master Examiner

Coach Instructor

Dan Durand

Yodan – 4th degree Black Belt

Club Member – 1975-Present

Coach Certified

NH State Champion

Certified in several Kata

Bob Hutchinson

Yodan – 4th degree Black Belt

Club Member – 1975-Present

Coach Trained

Certified in several kata

Jim Lombara

Nidan – 2nd degree Black Belt

Club Member – 2000-Present

Coach Trained

NH State Champion

Joe Jackson

Shodan – 1st degree Black Belt

Club Member – 1976-Present

Coach Certified

Materials Developer

Technical Trainer

Matt McKibben

Ikkyu - 1st degree Brown belt

Assistant Instructor for children's class

Club Member - 2010-Present

Coach Certified

Certified in several kata

Certified Regional Referee

Past Instructors and Black Belts

Dave Segal – Nidan

Neal Parker – Nidan – Was also Instructor at Sunrise Judo in Maine

Andrea Warchaiser - Nidan - Now at Moreau's Dojo

Andy Nash – Nidan – Now Head Instructor at Sankawa Judo Club along with Jim Miller

Dan Jackson – Shodan

Fred Zinn – Shodan

Joe Cabaup – Shodan – Was also Head Instructor at North Country Judo

Albie Ellis – Brown belt

Ted Miller – Brown Belt

Bob Way – Brown Belt