Keene YMCA Judo Club

News Flash - Updated 2/11/23

Virtual Judo Class: On Thursday nights Sensei Ken Durand has been running a judo class on Zoom. The class is from 6:00pm-7:30pm. We also have a Tuesday night kata class from 5:30pm-7:00pm. We have worked numerous kata including the Nage no Kata, the Danish Renraku no Kata, the Joshi Goshin-ho and the Katame no kata. We are currently working on the Gonosen no Kata, which is a kata of counters to throws. Please contact Sensei Ken on our "Contact Us" page if you have not received an email from him and you would like an invite to either of these classes.

Junior related Zoom Class: Saturday Zoom classes have been suspended for the time being.

The Keene YMCA had been closed for many programs due to the coronavirus. It has opened up for many programs and we applaud the YMCA staff for all the wonderful work they have been doing.  However, judo is a contact sport. Therefore, we will not have judo classes until further notice. I have created a resource page under the "News/Events" tab and have posted some videos. It would be wonderful if you are able to continue your judo training at home, even if it is in a limited capacity. Please come back to the website soon to view these and new videos and activities. Please stay safe.

Sensei Ken Durand

Keene YMCA Judo Club  

The Keene YMCA Judo Club in Keene NH was founded over 40 years ago and has been in continuous service to the community since then, offering judo as a sport and leisure time activity.  Workouts are available for both junior and senior students. A major goal of the Junior program is to help the children enrolled to grow into responsible young adults. Therefore priority is given to the following:

·      Foster a safe environment

·      Have fun

·      Encourage self respect and respect for others

·      Develop body concepts and skills

·      Learn the skills of Judo as a lifelong endeavor as well as a sport


The Head Instructor (Sensei) is Ken Durand, a seventh degree black belt. Co-instructors Robert Hutchinson (fourth degree black belt), Dan Durand (fourth degree black belt), Jim Lombara (second degree black belt),  Joe Jackson (first degree black belt) and Matt McKibben (1st degree brown belt - children's class instructor) round out the teaching staff. The instructors all have numerous years of experience in Judo.  


The Keene YMCA Judo Club is a full service program. Students may attend workouts strictly as a leisure time activity. However, for those who would like to compete, we host two tournaments per year at the YMCA as well as participate in other tournaments such as the Wildcat at UNH. We also offer belt rank advancement for those who so desire. 

Class Schedule

Saturday Classes are held from September to June. Thursday classes are held year round with some weeks off during the summer.


Directions:  From Rt 9 west take NH-12N towards Walpole. Take Maple Ave/NH-12A exit toward Surry. Turn left at end of ramp and follow about 1/2 mile. Take a right on Summit Road. The YMCA will be on your left.

From Rt 12 when coming in from Boston, go down Main Street of Keene until you reach the rotary (Central Square). Go 3/4 around the rotary and take West Street. After you pass Walgreens on the left and go under an overpass, stay straight and West Street will become Park Ave. When you pass Yankee Bowling Lanes the YMCA will be seven tenths of a mile on your left. (Park Ave will become Summit Road)